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Berkat Sahur dengan Susu Dutch Lady

Hey boys and girls! Our commercial for Dutch Lady directed by Ismail Jamaludin is finally out!

In this holy month of Ramadhan, it can be very tiring to withstand the day without eating and drinking. So sahur with Dutch Lady to start the day with full energy!

Client - Dutch Lady Product - Dutch Lady Agency - Leo Burnett Malaysia Production House - Playhouse Pictures Sdn Bhd Director - Ismail Jamaludin DOP - Loh Propmaster - Jay

Exec. Producer - Amar Producer - (AB) Azhari Production Assistant - Khey Intern - Muz, Ted, Kim, Faheem, Zaid Post Production - DeTouche Post Audio House - VHQ Media Kuala Lumpur

#MalaysiaTVC #IsmailJamaludin #DutchLady #LeoBurnettMalaysia #DeTouchePost #VHQMedia

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