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At the heart of Playhouse is the conviction that the best can be better. And an unmoving belief in creating content that is rich with charm, craft and imagination. We are explorers of the unknown and we look at every possible angle to provide you the right decisions to create something new, something different, something unique. Home to a roster of international talent, young and seasoned, and award-winning directors and producers; our creators and makers are pulled together by one defining thread: Making films that move people. To live up to our creed, we understand that creativity is queen. And so, we have dedicated ourselves to creating a home where your ideas are invincible to worldly pressures. A home where the mundane, the “I’ve Seen That Done Before”, and the Copy-Pastes are left at the front door so that your ideas can come out to play.

Our home is our playground.

And we invite you to kick off your heels and enjoy the ride. Let Playhouse be the home for your ideas to come out and play.



Our team excels in producing commercials, films and music documentaries that are provocative and redefining in their approach.

Our area of expertise includes conceptualization, production,

post-production and many other film-related services – thus, making us one of the frontrunners in production solutions in Asia. 

With resources spanned across the world – South Africa, Europe, The United States and of course Asia, we design quality packages that fit your budget without compromising on quality.

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